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Bondage Slave Training

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Bondage Training of Slave

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Training Slave

One way to get the attention of a bondage slave is to tie her ass to a heavy wooden beam. Be sure to use a rough-sawn beam so that the saw marks will dig into her skin as she struggles and squirms to get free. And when you pick up rope for the bondage training, make sure that it’s the course kind that will cut into her as well. Then, when you have her suspended, make her squeal in pain by putting clothes pins to her nipples and tit meat. Do your slave training right and she will never again resist you.

Group Training of Bondage Slaves

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Bondage Slaves

A house owner is annoyed that the training of his bondage slaves is taking too long. Concerned that his slaves will not be ready for a big party tentatively planned for next month, the house owner has asked the Lead Trainer to interview some local talent and host a full-scale slave audition in his basement. The house owner will personally oversee the auditions. For those who make it through the audition, they will enter a grueling bondage training program. You’ll want to see the slave training and see the treatment these bound bimbos are forced to endure in hopes of being selected.

Training of Slave Girl

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Training Slave Girl

WOW! You are going to want to see this video. It’s about a smart-mouthed bondage girl about to get the smirk wiped off her face. In the basement, her trainer introduces her to pain management. Her slave girl training includes the basic protocol of various torture devices and implements. During her slave training, the trainer learns that this slut is quite responsive to the crop and the cane. When you download the full video, you get to see that this bitch shows she has the natural ability to endure under heavy duress. I guarantee that this video will put your motor in gear.

Slave Girl Bondage Training

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Slave Girl Training

I am in love! This bondage slave pushes all of my buttons. Not only is she beautiful and sexy with perfectly soft skin, but she is intelligent and loves bondage. I especially love the slave girl training because of the way she is tightly bound and suspended. You know that when you see all the clothes pins biting into her delicate skin that she is in pain. And you can hear her cry out as her sexy body is shocked when she is hosed down with ice cold water. There is nothing that can compare to girl training like this.

Bondage Sex Slave Training

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Slave Training

What can you do when you get to watch a merciless Mistress force a bondage slave to eat her pussy? Sit back and get your cookies off too. You will want to see how this lesbian bondage sex has a willing blond slave all tied up and at the beck and call of her ruthless Mistress. You won’t believe the torture and pain that this slut must endure. Slave training is what she craves and works hard to improve her submission skills. Pain and humiliation is the name of this game and you don’t want to miss a single frame.

Bondage Training of O

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Bondage Training

When you have a slut who is willing to submit to some torturous bondage training, you want to make sure you make the most of it. Make the bitch get down on her hands and knees. Force her mouth open and shove your hard dick as far down her throat as it will go. If she gags, make her pay by hauling heavy objects until her aching muscles scream in pain. Maybe you should bend her ass over and cram you man meat into her wet pussy and fuck the living shit out of her just like the training of o.

Sex Slave Training of O

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Sex Slave Training

Here are a couple of dudes who have the right idea about sex slave training. They tightly bind the bitch and suspend her ass in the air. Gag her so that you don’t have to listen to her and then do to her whatever it is that floats your boat. Her sex training should include perfecting her blowjob skills as she is forced to practice on both cocks. Continue her slave training so that she can endure pain and learns to satisfy while under duress. There is really only one way to treat a slut like this, and these guys got it right!

Training of Bondage Slave

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Training of Slave

If you have a bondage slave who needs to learn her place, start her off in chains and shackles. Demean her by forcing her to lick your boots clean and then polish them to a high sheen. Her bondage training should not be simple or easy. Let the dark side of your imagination run loose and I’ll bet you can cum up with all kinds of painful, torturous ways to make slave training a living hell. Force her to perfect her oral skills. Teach her exactly what it takes to please you and all your deep dark desires.

Latex Bondage Dating

The man has always been fascinated by the act of bondage and submission. The need of a human soul can only be understood by another human and thus the porn videos fail badly when trying to please the senses of the people looking for rough bondage sex. The bondage dating sites have grown tremendously. There is a huge variety of bondage dating sites now with the latex bondage being one of them. The feeling one gets to experience while watching a live bondage session is unmatched and is at par with real life bondage act. The girls bound in latex are like real dolls that you can make do whatever you wish.

Bondage Slave

Welcome to the place called The Training of O with beautiful girls - aspiring slaves who agree to submit to anything just to satisfy their Master. Here submissive chicks learns the ropes of being a slave during several days of harsh training conducted by merciless Masters and their associates. Only after enduring various punishments that include being tightly bound, gagged, canned, ass and face fucked then forced to clean and other degrading tasks which cause both excruciating pain and humiliation they get rewarded with explosive orgasms. As the result, these bitches become obedient slaves ready to please the Master no mater what the desires are…

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